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An assembly language abbreviated as ‘asm’ can be defined as a low-level programming language.  A utility program known as an assembler converts the assembly language into executable machine code. This process is known as assembling the source code and the computational step where an assembler is run is known as Assembly time. There are various types of assemblers like the macro assembler, cross assembler, high-level assembler and meta-assembler.

Assembly Language Assignment Help

Assembly language is a programming language that is used by processors. It is a low-level computing language. It can be obtained from a high-level language by translating the source code using a compiler or can be written from scratch. An assembly language lacks the most convenient features found in high-level languages like variable and functions. It is similar to machine language in terms of structure and commands. The only difference is that in an assembly language developers use names rather than numbers. Being a low-level language, assembly language has quickly been replaced by high-level languages. However, the language is still used in operations that are not supported by high-level languages or those that need speed.

Writing code in assembly language is usually a daunting task not only for students but also for programmers. And even though the programming language is not commonly used to create software programs today, it is still taught in the computer science curriculum in order for students to understand how processors work.

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An introduction to Assembly Language

Unlike languages such as Java, C/C++ or Python, assembly language is machine specific, you don’t just need to worry about the processor that the machine uses, but also with the operating system as that determines how you need to call it.

Unless you are writing for an embedded system, it is unlikely you will write a large scale program in
assembly (most games used to be written in assembly, but now the vast majority are written in C/C++), but knowing assembly language is still useful as it can help you debug C/C++ and write more efficient routines.
Rather than writing an entire program in assembly, you can write a small routine in assembly if you profile the program and it spends a lot of time in one routine (if a routine only takes 5% of the time, and you can make it 10 times faster by writing in assembly language, the program would only be 5% faster.)

To help with assembly language programming homework, it is important that you let us know which processor and operating system you need the code to run on. Some assembly language homework doesn’t even run on modern machines and instead runs in a simulator, this can be something like Emu8086 which emulates an old IBM PC or it could be something like MARS or SPIM for running MIPS software.

The following is a sample Assembly homework, so if you need help with assembly language programming assignment check out this program.


Directives are not actual assembly language instructions, but they are instructions for the assembler. They vary by the assembler, but most assemblers support the following directives even if the name and syntax differs.

Directive Other possible syntax Function
.ORG addr * = addr Sets the current address of the PC (program counter), in other words where we are in memory
.BYTE val DC.B val Stores the literal byte
.WORD val DC.W val Stores the literal word (endian is processor dependant)
.DWORD val DC.L val Stores the literal value (4 bytes, the order is processor dependant)
.EQU var=val var=val Define a constant to be used later in the code
MACRO name Define a macro (simplifies code by replacing the invocation each time)

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The 6502 was an 8 bit processor with 3 registers, A, X, Y. A is the accumulator and is used for transferring to and from memory and also is modified whenever you do an arithmetic or logical operation. It was used in Commodore Home Computers (Pet, C64, Vic20), the Atari VCS and home computer. A simple example of string copy (C style, zero terminated)

    LDX #-1          ; index before the string
    INX             ; move the next character
    LDA FROM, X     ; copy from FROM
    STA TO, X       ; store at TO
    BNE STRCPY      ; stop when we get to a 0 byte

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According to our programming experts, it is very difficult to develop programs using an assembly language, which is why many developers prefer high-level programming languages. However, there are those who feel like the language is still useful and they have implemented it in many of their operational task. Yes, it may be hard to compile a simple program using an assembly language but the language is still fastly executed than many high-level programming languages out there.

Let’s take an example of a program written in Pascal or C, for instance. If we write the same program using assembly language, you will realize that the program written in C or Pascal will take longer to execute than when written in an assembly language. Therefore, in instances where speed is important, then an assembly language can save the day.

The assembly language has many disadvantages as well, but it is still taught in academic institutions, which leaves the students no choice than to study and work hard on the subject. Sometimes the subject will come with so many assignments that students just cannot cope with. And since these assignments are what determine what the student will get at the end, they just have to do them no matter what.  However, these students may have other assignments to take care of and may not be able to complete the assembly language homework in the right way and deliver it within the set deadline. That’s where we come in.

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Below is a Assembly program to solve the assignment, if you need assembly language programming assignment help, this is just an example of the kind of work we can provide you with.


The 80×86 was originally a 16 bit processor, although it has undergone several changes to 32 bit (with the 386) and then 64 bit. Some assignments are run under a DOS emulator and so you need to worry about segment registers (they allow you to access a different window of 64K (CS is the segment register for CODE, DS is the segment register for data, SS is the segment register for the stack). There are 4 regular registers, AX, BX, CX and DX (on 32 bits they can be accessed as EAX, etc to get the full 32 bit value). You can access them as 2 bit registers, so AL, AH together make up the AX register. There is DI, SI which are used for accessing indexed memory (an array or string), so LODSB for example does AL = *DI++. SP is used as the stack pointer and BP is used as the base pointer, for passing data to subroutines. The 80×86 is used in IBM compatible computers. The same string routine could be

    MOV SI, FROM    ; where are we copying from
    MOV DI, TO      ; where are we copying to
    LODSB           ; get byte from SI and increment SI
    STOSB           ; store byte to DI and increment DI
    AND Al, AL      ; is AL == 0
    JNE STRCPY      ; stop when we get to a 0 byte

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The difference between machine language and assembly language

When it comes to preparing assembly language assignments, many students get lost in the middle as many of them think that an assembly language is similar to machine language. That is why we have taken the responsibility for explaining each of the two languages in order to set a clear boundary between the two. We are hoping that after reading the below descriptions students will have a better understanding of the two languages.

Machine language is the language used to communicate to the computer.  It is the only language understood by the computer and it is difficult for human beings to deal with. Instructions in a machine language are represented by strings of 1s and 0s which are the only values a machine can recognize. Any programmer would therefore prefer to use either an assembler language or high-level language to develop code instead of machine language. They would then convert the code into machine-readable form in order for the program to execute.

An assembly language on the other hand uses symbols and data names to represent instructions. These are easier to understand by developers than the numerous 0s and 1s in a machine. However, a machine cannot understand anything else apart from machine language. Therefore, the code developed using an assembly language will then have to be translated into a machine language for the program to execute.

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The 68000 is a 32 bit processor, with 8 data registers and 8 address registers. The data registers can be treated as a byte (D0.B), a word (D0.W) or a long (D0.L). The A7 address register is used as the stack pointer, but all the other registers are treated the same (the 80×86 instructions use specific registers for specific instructions, so LODSB uses AL and SI and LOOP uses CX, etc). The string routine could be

    LEA AO, FROM    ; where are we copying from
    LEA A1, TO      ; where are copying to
    MOVE.B (A0)+, D0    ; copy byte from AO (and increment it)
    MOVE.B D0, (A1)+    ; copy byte to A1 (and incrmenet it)
    BNE STRCPY          ; the move set the register, so we don't need a test for 0

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