C programming help for Java programmers!

Although there are a lot of similarities between C and Java, there are some major differences that you need to be aware of. First of all, don’t confuse C++ and C, C++ is actually a lot closer to Java and supports classes and has some support for strings, you can also overload functions based on the number and type of arguments.

So if you are writing in C, you need to manage memory yourself, and call functions to perform even simple string concatinations. In Java everything belongs to a class, this is not the case in C. You can use structures to hold related data together, similar to a class, but the methods are not associated with the structure. This means you can’t use functions such as add(Job job), and add(Task task) since the names would conflict, so you need to use addJob(Job job), and addTask(Task task). So this means you need to reconsider the use of OOP (object orientated programming) techniques that you learnt in Java. Our experts can program in both Java and C, so can provide C programming help that conforms with the C standards.

In C, there is no string type, only an array of characters (that ends in a 0 character), you can use “quoted” strings, but these are actually just an array of characters. This makes any form of string manipulation much more complex, as in Java you can do “Score =” + score where score is an integer variable, in C you need to specify it much more explicitly. You can use strcat to concatenate string or sprintf (similar to printf but it outputs to a string instead of displaying). We can offer assistance in providing C programming assignment help if you are looking for beginners level or advanced level using threads and custom memory managers.

Given these drawbacks, you may be wondering why we would want to use C at all. There are a few cases where C plays a part where Java will not suffice. Java requires a JVM and class library which is at least 1MB for the micro edition, it’s possible to write a program in under 32K total using C, so for control on an embedded circuit C is much more reasonable. An operating system is also something where low level control is required, an ironically, the Java JVM is implemented in C. Mainstream commercial games are also programmed in C or sometimes C++.

Our experts are used to providing C programming homework help to people used to Java and can explain the differences to you. Debugging is more complicated in C compared with Java since there are less run time checks, so if you access an array, you can step beyond the bounds of the array and it is not necessarily going to be detected but can lead to memory corruption, this can lead to some obscure bugs which require experience in order to debug them.

Programmingassignmentexperts.com offers C programming help using experienced programmers, who are aware of the difficulties of programming in C.