Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

It depends. As a rough guide, Python assignments tend to be the cheapest, and assembly language ones the most expensive.
Is the program using a GUI or a text based interface (GUI’s require more work as so the price is higher.) How difficult
is the assignment, a simple program using text inputs as inputs to a calculation is cheaper than one involving
multi-threaded code. The cost vary between $20 to $200 for the most complex assignments. We always look at the actual
before determining the price (based on the amount of work it takes), in addition if there is a report in addition to
the code, we reduce the price if you want to write the report yourself (based on notes provided by the expert).

Will I be caught for plagiarism?

No, each time an assignment is done, it is completed from scratch. I’ve done the same assignment for 6 people, that was
hard since I not only used different variable and function names but also changed the approach each time. For this
reason we can’t offer a discount if you want multiple copies of an assignment (it’s actually harder to do the second one
in some cases).

Which programming languages do you deal with?

Assembly languages in at least 5 different variations (LC3, x86, ARM, MIPS, 68000). C/C++/C# and Java, I am grouping
these together as they share a lot in common. Python, Ruby, PHP, and other scripting languages, and the
academic languages Scheme, Haskell and Ocaml.

Matlab is not just a programming language but a programming environment designed for mathematics and statistical
calculations, and VHDL is for designing circuits so it not a traditional programming language.

If you are learning another language not mentioned let us know and we can tell you whether we can help you.

I need to speak to someone.

Our customer service email address is or you can use live chat on our Programming Assignments.

What happens if we are unable to complete the assignment in time?

In the case that we are unable to complete the assignment, then we issue a full refund. Waiting until the last minute
to request an assignment makes it more likely that won’t be able to complete it in time, so please allow plenty of time.