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Ruby is a modern language that gained popularity for web development with Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a mix of Python, C, Java and Pascal. So if you need help with ruby programming assignment, please get in touch with us.

Variables that are in all capitals are constants (in C/Java code this is by convention but not enforced). 0 and “” (empty string, empty list, etc) all evaluate as false, unlike Python/C/Javascript, nil however is treated as false so is often used to indicate failure. Class variables are private are are only exposed by getter and setter methods. The until statement is more like the while statement in Python/C/Java.

Ruby Programming Homework Help

The classic Hello World in Ruby is simply

puts "Hello World"

Integer literals are objects and can have methods called on them, this means that decimal values need a digit after the . (so 1. should be 1.0).

-1.abs          # get the absolute value
"Hello".length  # 5
"Hello".uniq.sort.join # Hello (method calls can be chained)
print "Hello"   # can use print instead of puts

Since puts is used to “put” a string to the console, gets is used to get a string from the console.

Strings in ruby can be represented in a few ways

html = "<html>\n<bosy>\n"       # A string that takes 2 lines
html = %Q{<html>\n<bosy>\n}     # An alternate form (useful if you want to use " in the text)
html = %{<html>\n<bosy>\n}      # The Q is not needed
html = %/<html>\n<bosy>\n/      # We can use / instead of {}
html = <<-BLOCK                 # PHP style multiline

path = "/pics/ruby.jpg"
html = %/<img src="#{path}">/   # <img src="/pics/ruby.jpg">

Arrays are similar to Python.

arr = [1, 2, 4, 8, [16, 32]]
arr[3]          # 8
arr.reverse     # [[16, 32], 8, 4, 2, 1]
arr.flatten     # [1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32]

A dictionary is called a Hash in Ruby.

phone = { :police -> '911', :information -> '411' }

print phone[:police]    # prints 911

The if statement does not use endif but end

if rand(2) == 1:
    print "Heads"
    print "Tails"

You can use either { } or do / end to create a block

File.readlines('readme.txt').each do |line| # we pass the line to the block
    puts line

And to enumerate over a collection

names = ['Tom', 'Dick', 'Harry']
names.each {|name| puts %/Hello #{name}/}

It supports classes

class Employee
  attr_reader :name, :salary
  def initialize(name, salary)
    @name, @age = name, salary
  def <=>(employee) # for comparing employees we use the salary
    salary <=> employee.salary
  def to_s  # Convert to a string
    "#{name} ($#{salary}.00)"

staff = ["Boss", 10000),"Manager", 5000),"Janitor", 1000)

puts staff.sort.reverse # Displays the staff in order of salary

So you may have a Ruby programming project help in which you need assistance with, or it could be Ruby on Rails which is a web framework written in Ruby. Rails is a MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework, that includes a database backend as well as templates for the html.

Normally you define a model in a file of the entity, and it creates a table of the plural form.
So employee.rb defines the employees table.

class Employee
    attr_accessor :name, :salary

    def initialize(attributes = {})
        @name  = attributes[:name]
        @salary = attributes[:salary]

    def monthly_pay
        @salary / 12

A controller is used to make changes to the model, for example to increase salary or it can be a function such as issue pay check.

The view is handled with a mixture of html and Ruby in a file with a .erb extension.

<% provide(:title, 'Staff directory') %>
<h1>Staff Directory</h1>

<table class="staff">
    <% @employees.each do |employee| %>
        <td><%= %></td>
        <td>$<%= employee.salary %>.00</td>
  <% end %>

Ruby on Rails is used on some big sites including AirBNB, GitHub and Hulu, so if you need use to do a Ruby on rails project then we can help with ruby programming assignment.

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